Flip a coin and vote on the coinr logo

We recently ran a logo design competition and produced a short list of the best 12 logos for coinr … will you help us decide? Just vote on your preferred design concept below. We had to cut the list down from over 250 designs in total.

You can also vote on the color scheme too if you would like.

Want to hear how we got to this point? Deciding on a logo in the early stages of a start-up is supposed to be easy.

Deciding on one you can really use is another story.

It needs to work in multiple applications (online, offline, mobile, app stores, business cards, offices, advertising) that appeal to stakeholders (prospects, customers, staff, investors) and all the segments they belong to (generation Y to boomers) and meeting all the expectations they have (fun, reliable, serious, innovative, safe) and doing so within the cultural norms of the countries we aim to operate in over time (Australia, South East Asia and that is just for starters).

All this is not a trivial exercise, especially when most of the stakeholders are not on board yet.

But it is important to start.

So I contacted a mate Alec Lynch from DesignCrowd.com and ran a crowd sourced competition globally for the 20,000+ designers registered on the site.

We are deliberately trying to run like a lean start-up so we put a prize of under AUD$400 on the site and received 250 designs in response to the brief. Which frankly was amazing. We also had some internally done designs.

We are then short list them using friends and family before and posting them here for your feedback and hopefully to make a final section.

Of course we know a logo is much more than just an image or icon, it is a brand, a visual identity and the part of much more eventually central to what we stand for as a company. Simplicity, easy, time efficiency, reliable and so much more.

That is why we need your help, vote now and help us make coinr the best (looking 🙂 financial management site on the web.

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