Progress On Our Journey November 2010

We seem to spending a lot more time explaining progress and our stance on commercial and business/design ‘philosophy’ issues.  So will be blogging more regularly now.

Not a bad few weeks for progress on our brand, IP and international awareness. Mixed results in other areas though.

On the logo front we had over 275 designs proposed by 65 designers form around the world for our new logo. Lots of votes and even short listed some logos in a competition if you’d like to vote.

The early Australian Penny, Australian Holey Dollar and some Chinese coins were all inspiration for our logo.

For our logo work we use (and I love) the crowd sourced service which is great value, but wish the process and UX (user experience) were a little more elegant. Can’t complain about the immense choice though!

We also filed for our trademark on coinr and received confirmation back from IP Australia (the government intellectual property register administrators) that the process has started.

I went up to Singapore and shopped a few ideas around with financial institutions and potential partners and employees. The reception was excellent. The economy up there is a little like Australia, booming in some areas but most of the average citizens are still not sharing the upside so the need for optimal financial management is just as high as ever in both Singapore and Australia.

On a less positive note, the work for one of our other larger clients finished up so the revenue from that and the resources it was funding won’t be able to be poured into coinr. Luckily some more opportunities also arrived around the same time. Still very reluctant to take funding from vested interests so self funding remains the path of choice.

I think the demand for skilled resources is climbing again, despite the ‘two-speed economy’ here in Australia. The phone seems to ring pretty regularly with opportunities and two of our better guys had very compelling job offers from a major bank.

Regardless of the economic situation though, people are either time poor or able to financially benefit from better choice of financial products. Or both! So the need for coinr is as great as ever.