Attracting Experience

We have a few people joining the team at the moment, the sense of building momentum is tangible and exciting to share.

Internally we say we are ‘getting gravity’, this means we are developing our own high density centre of talent, product, technology, tools, techniques – collectively experience and expertise – that is in turn attracting more similarly good stuff.

Beyond the obvious need to focus on what we do next and how we do it, the simple fact of accumulating real experience is worth taking a moment to recognise and celebrate.

As a team we have amazing international experience across dozens of countries and industries. No doubt we will get much more!

We have experience in numerous blue chip leaders largely in finance, technology and related industries –

  • Stock exchanges,
  • Banks (retail/consumer banks, wholesale banks, commercial banks, investment banks)
  • Fund managers (investment managers, asset managers, retirement fund managers, superannuation fund managers, fund or fund managers)
  • Investment platform providers (wraps, structured products, investment lending, margin lending)
We also have some pretty deep experience in technology especially the application of software, hardware and networks to financial industry challenges –
  • Financial Trading and Communications Software and Networks
  • Core Banking Software and Services (Funds, Investment, Stock Brokers, Trading, Lending, Risk Management)
  • Manufacturing and Design (Integrated Circuits aka ‘Chips’, Networks)
  • Data Centres
  • Business Software and Services (Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Workflow Automation, Enterprise Resource Management and Planning)
Inside and outside the workplace we also have accumulated and continue to grow in quality and quantity –
  • A decent list of ‘world firsts’ and track records of distinguished success (which will be the topic of another post one day)
  • Very large personal family and friend relationship networks (something most of us want to keep private but glimpses of thousands are visible on the major social networks)
  • A quietly and deeply satisfying list of community contributions to benefit humanity (which will also be the topic of another post one day)
We hope to continue to attract experience and apply this to making a difference. More on our journey in the next post.