Why Mobile Apps are slow and flakey (except for Coinr)

Most mobile apps assume you are connected or not connected.

  • Disconnected apps have limited value, they are islands of information that might be ok for static games or simple standalone tasks like a calculator but they really don’t get anyone excited or transform our lives.
  • Connected apps usually offer some of the benefits of the web, real-time information like news or market prices, accessing smart services like search or mapping really are useful.

The only problem with connected apps is when the connection is flakey.

Unreliable internet is a fact of life, even in large cities in developed countries there are black spots with poor reception or perhaps you are being cost conscious and just using your phone, tablet or laptop on local wifi rather than through your telecommunications provider.

The technical reality is very bleak, as explained in this insightful semi-technical paper the performance of mobile apps really degrades dramatically, not gradually. So a little network issues becomes a big usability issue very quickly and recovery is slow.

The solution is for apps to be smart and do local storage and smart synchronisation.

Coinr comes in a range of mobile versions and they all do smart local storage and smart synchronisation to your secure coinr account in the cloud from multiple devices.

  • Firstly and most widely used there is a really neat HTML5 mobile web version of coinr that works on browsers anywhere especially iphone and android.Best of all ‘it just works’.This particular module of coinr stores your todos, expenses, work reimbursement claims, receipts, ideas, meeting minutes, action items, wish-list items, etc and a lot more. It allows intelligent categorisation almost effortlessly. All this is done locally and intelligently tied together from multiple devices into your secure coinr account in the cloud.You just have the coinr app book marked on your phone browser and use it to drop in transactions and productivity information during the day then let it sync at home or in the office. A huge saving on telecommunications costs as it is effectively free, very reliable and highly response since it is all done locally on the phone.Best of all it works consistently across all your devices. You do need to have a proper HTML5 compliance browser, fortunately these are rapidly becoming the norm, particularly on new mobile devices.
  • We are also working on natives apps (iphone, android and mac available through various app stores) that will offer an even nicer experience but more about that another day.
The smartest apps also apply some tricks to their network consumption to recover faster too.
While the telecommunications world out there remains tough and unreliable, it is nice to know a neat little app like coinr is reliably making your personal financial productivity easier.