Trust Coinr – Uptime & Performance

Coinr has statistical analysis in place so we can provide a high level of near real-time visibility on statistics to the coinr team, our partners, our merchant customers and our retail customers on stuff like –

  • uptime (close to 100% generally)
  • performance (fastest average of 329 milliseconds)
  • usage maps (active users and locations)
  • usage charts (active users, their configurations, pages, events and paths)
  • trend charts (dozens of key analytics over time)

This is the sort of stuff we live day in day out because we want to constantly improve and more importantly many of our customers will be betting their business on coinr services like identity, reputation, security, bookings, payments, accounts, geo-location and more over time as they are developed.

The coinr uptime and performance data is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in near real-time.

To ensure uncensored data of high quality, this information is collected and provided direct to our stakeholders by  three separate highly respected independent third party global monitoring services including the one above that watches our servers from many locations around the world.

At the time of writing our uptime and response time were excellent (a reflection on our infrastructure design and investment).

The first two charts below are the month to date at time of writing, so you can compare our progress over time the next two charts below are live charts for the month to date that are constantly updated.

Uptime for Coinr Home: Last 30 days Response time for Coinr Home: Last 30 days

The from humble beginnings in Sydney the future for coinr looks bright indeed.