Congratulations Sunswift

Two of the lead geeks at coinr – Dan and Nick – recently completed the amazing World Solar Challenge as part of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) team.

In 2009 their team set the world speed record (which is hanging in the back of the workshop with an old tire partially obscuring it).

This year two Australian teams including UNSW finished in the top seven in this amazing 3,000 kilometre race from Darwin to Adelaide.

To understand significance of this you have to realise there were 70+ teams many from top OECD countries with deep pockets and rich university alumni bodies providing financial and technological support.

Our guys led the project (Dan) and held key roles (Nick) in delivering a mobile WAN across the convoy and telemetry tracking data back to a website. Apologies if that bit is not doing you justice.

Regardless, this is an awesome result using cutting edge technology in some of the most harsh terrain on the planet.

Congratulations guys. Nice one.

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