Nano Blogging

From books to blogs – this is how we would describe the first part of our world’s transition from traditional knowledge stores to ‘snack learning’.

Then we move from blogs to micro blogging with Twitter and Facebook enabling short sharing.

But in the process we lost a few dimensions of knowledge and insight.

The micro blogging time line is linear. Your latest tweets and posts are at the top. 

But true sharing like writing is multi-dimensional.

At Coinr we have created a new form of writing called nano blogging.

Coinr is the world’s first nanoblog platform for individuals, groups and organisations.

Shorter is sweeter and simpler.

Structure and connecting posts enables richness in nano blogging.

So while a coin / card on Coinr is the ultimate in brief, it is actually more useful and informative than longer individual posts like traditional social media because you have almost unlimited number of interconnected items giving context and nuance.

We think it is a better way for many use cases.

Oh, and for the record, it is nothing like Flutter but we do get a kick ( and a few laughs) out of Coinr concepts we were kicking around around a decade ago becoming satire.