Coinr – the easiest way to save.

If google is the easiest way to search, coinr is the easiest way to save.

Save money, time, relationships and quality of life.

Replace a bunch of apps with one simple box.

We find new uses for coinr every day, we hope you will too.

The world's easiest way to save.

The Private Business Platform

Coinr The Private Business Platform is coming.

Owners and other stakeholders in all small and medium businesses rejoice!

Our vision for coinr was always to provide hundreds (if not thousands!) of useful information services for you and your business in an easy integrated way so time-poor business owners can get on with innovating while we handle all your information systems needs with minimal or zero customisation.

Lots of people out there provide e-commerce software and basic accounting software but we are aiming for the stars, a simple to use yet comprehensive platform in one website that handles your specific needs with a simple ‘click-to-customise’ approach you can be up and running in minutes then gets better suited to your needs every day.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so coinr will integrate over time with your popular services.

Realistically such a huge range of services takes time to build and integrate smoothly, so we didn’t expect to be telling you about this for some time, probably not until mid 2013. But we are (a little) ahead of schedule.

Already we have twenty core services all with responsive design so they work on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Some of the core services we have developed provide messaging, authentication, third party authentication, security layers, page publishing, analytics, short links with a/b testing, payments, anonymous social connection, notes, geo location, contacts, info snippets and a lot more.

We are just starting to pilot these services with wholesale customers. They are all medium size businesses or small businesses that aspire to be medium sized or even large one day. You can see our own internal pilot program using some of these services (which many people thought was a core product but really it is our first ‘retail demo app’ we call the coinr box web app.

A web app works on all devices and looks like an app, you can even easily add an icon to your phone’s home screen, but you don’t need to go to the app store or app market place to download it, just browse to the site.

So small and medium businesses can soon rejoice, we expect to have some more services and apps out soon.

Throw away that paper

Need a notepad? Need a pen or pencil? Not any more.

Still sending yourself texts when you need to remember something? Not any more.

Still keeping bits of paper in your wallet? Not any more.

Now you can drop bits of information into Coinr Box anytime anywhere on any device.

You don’t even need to sign up or sign in to save information in coinr.

It even works offline when you have no internet.  Amazing huh?

If the coinr add page is already in your browser you don’t even need to have internet access to save information, we store it in local storage inside the browser of your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Your information is safe.  

If you close your browser window it will still be there.

If you close the browser entirely it will still be there.

Even if you turn your device off or upgrade your browser software or operating system it will still be there.

When you are connected to the internet, the next time you use coinr, we will sync your information up to the coinr cloud (and store it on resilient servers) so your data is even backed up in the event you lose or break your device.

The next time you sign in to coinr your information will be saved into your coinr account.

Images can also be attached to coinr drops (they get stored in your dropbox account) and information like expenses can be intelligently pushed to your other apps on the web.

Startup Entrepreneurs Productivity Booster

Startup founders and co-founders have started adopting Coinr Box as part of their daily routine because it helps make them more organised with just one app not ‘hunting and pecking’ around dozens of apps.

It is as simple as sending a –

  • text message on your iPhone or Android a
  • status update on Facebook or a
  • tweet on twitter…

But ‘coin drops’ on coinr are so much more useful, they are automatically connected to popular services on the web like –

  • issues (track bugs or new feature ideas for apps or web sites, ideal for tech entrepreneurs) – use tag #bug
  • for images and docs (your drop box not ours so you keep control) – use tag #file or drag-and-drop the document or image into your browser
  • your accounting system (now only but looking to add more) – use tag #expense
  • lots of built in coinr services (like dynamic lists to capture #ideas, #iou, things #tobuy, things #todo etc
You can even combine the above, for example –
  • add a screen shot with the bug or
  • add a receipt image with the expense
  • add a person’s name to a todo so you can remember to pull up the list for @patrick next time you are talking
With coinr you are not constrained by complex names like –

  • @petercooper2012red46 or @pc0 you can just use the natural names we all prefer like @pete
  • @lauramagic12345 you can just use the natural names like @laura or
  • if you know more than one girl named (say) Laura perhaps try adding their surname initial or something else to keep it simple @lauram and @bluelaura
and then tell coinr later if you want it to link to their facebook or twitter. You never have to remember funny twitter handles or online names ever again.
Best of all coinr is private so information is only see by others if you specifically tell it to make it visibile for example –
  • #public makes your coinr drop a public page, add an image to make it more interesting (useful for setting up a simple web page)
  • #share (coming soon) to share with a specific list of people
In fact you can create your own tags too, try #toread or #tobuy or #bars #nearby or even #fuel or #journal. And all your coin drops are saved with who, what, where information so you can track all the details around them to meet compliance needs or simply to prompt your memory later.
So you can see why the innovative (and busy) sweet tooth people like it –

Coinr is amazing! It will revolutionise the definition of being organised! I will definitely implement this for Leanik crepes.

– Nik from

If you would like to have your quote and your business featured here in our next blog post and reach thousands of coinr users give coinr a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

Get Attached Yet Remain Independent

So you want to store a picture on Coinr Box? Just use #file (or tap the camera icon or drag and drop).

Perhaps it is a picture of an expense receipt.

Maybe it is a product picture from a competitor you want to share with colleagues and publish with a short link and analytics and social marketing tools.

Perhaps it is a marketing campaign idea or a new creative idea for a store you have just opened?

Just drag it onto the browser when you are making a coin drop (go to and type a little bit of text then drag on the image.

For example –

#expense $25 lunch with @dan

Then drag and drop an image on to your browser (before you hit save) and it will look like this

#expense $25 lunch with @dan #file receipt_image.png

The above creates a private purchase transaction in your accounting system (e.g. saasu) and a contact (if it doesn’t already exist) and pushes the image to your drop box.

Or to make it public just add #public to make something like this very high resolution image that some find a little humorous –

Don’t forget you do need to have at least a free dropbox account plus maybe an account at saasu for your accounting and setup credentials at

How It Works

Coinr is still in the very early stages of development but it is already very useful. It works similar to twitter or google search but with some smart differences.

Instead of making a tweet on twitter you add coin drops on into what looks like a simple text box.

Just like in real life, you wouldn’t walk down the street dropping money as you go, so don’t drop your information, keep it safe in coinr.

Much of the information you have every day is valuable, so drop it into the coinr box and we will make it even more valuable for you by organising it and intelligently linking it to hundreds of the best services on the web.

Maybe that information is a little #idea you want to remember to explore further, or a task #todo sometime, or an #expense you need to claim for work or personal tax or maybe a startup business, or perhaps it is that #book you want to remember #tobuy online or at the shops or something you need to get @ikea next time. Maybe it is #feedback to @coinr about a new service you would like added or you are logging your #fuel consumption or a personal #journal or a #restaurant recommendation.

The list is endless.

Coinr is a simple little box but it uses advanced technologies to work offline and online on iphone, android, ipad, tablets, macs and PCs and it sync securely across all your devices.

If google is the easiest way to search, coinr is the easiest way to save. Save money, save time, save relationships and save your quality of life.

Instead of using one set of apps for your day job, another set of apps for your personal life and maybe another set of apps for your hobbies or startup businesses, coinr gives you one simple box that takes instructions from you and gives you useful and often very smart help in return. Perhaps it is a forecast on your restaurant expenses or a #map of all those cool little back alley pop-up bars. Maybe it is #feedback to the government about that pothole at the end of the street or a two for one promotional #deal from your business you want to offer to local students @university and #nearby.

You can travel without internet access and capture weeks worth of expenses, todos, meeting minutes, contacts, receipts, etc and sync when you get back online.

Coinr will push your transactions to your accounting systems, your files to drop box, and other things to the right place too.

Remember coinr is just like twitter or google, you just type in the box (or speak in some devices) except coinr is –

  • ultra private for example you can connect with suppliers, customers, tem members, prospects etc without disclosing personal information
  • ultra personal for example use the language you prefer such as @pete rather than @pete_on_twitter_46

We find new uses for coinr every day, we hope you do too. Coinr is getting connected to more web services every month so make sure you tell us what you would like to see.

Try coinr now or read more about how coinr works using hash tags (#tags) and at tags (@tags).

Track business & personal expenses

Tracks and stores in your choice of accounting system.

Just type #expense followed by the details of your purchase and it will be logged into coinr with a date time stamp, location and who incurred the expense automatically.

Add the name of the merchant e.g. @exchangecafe and the names of the people you were with to meet your personal and business record keeping requirements for tax purposes. Using a name adds it to your contacts list. You don’t need to use complex twitter handles, just use the language you prefer e.g. @pete @laura and coinr will learn who you mean over time and auto-enable smart connections.

Click ‘lists’ to see all your expenses in one place.

Click ‘Account’ then select ‘Cloud Settings’ from the menu to automatically push your expenses to your favourite personal, small business or enterprise accounting system.

Coinr is dropping support for IE

We have spent a bit of time looking at the Microsoft Internet Explorer support for HTML 5 and basically decided it is not worth it. We are dropping IE effective immediately.

After too many years of pandering to Microsoft’s proprietary ways we have had enough.

Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are all excellent browsers and we want to support the migration of the world to better browsers with the best support for open standards. We will also give the Opera browser some love.

Basically we are writing the app to support the standard and putting minimal effort into individual implementations.

End of rant. Commencement of joy.

99 Reasons to Coinr

 Your Private Stuff.  Anywhere.   Fast.   Just drop it in.

Auto-sync info with all your devices. Tasks, transactions, notes, images, music, code and more.

Rock Solid Proof.  Everywhere.  All the time.

Know the Who, What, Where, When.  No more notes.  No more emailing/texting yourself.  You had that idea first. Full change history. Never think about record keeping or compliance again, it is just done for you.

Keep, Search and Share.  Focus.  Get things #done.  Just One App.

Kill those unused apps. Coinr is the command line for life.
New to hash-tags? Save time with #expense or  #todo.  New to at-tags? Track and share with your team and mates e.g @pete, @dan, @nic.
You’ll love our new twists on these popular social media time savers.

Safe.  Safe.  Safe.

Multi layer security. Multiple backups. Secure sessions and syncing. Peace of mind.

No Ads. And it is Free.

Most sites offer one or the other. We do both. What more can we say, we are on your side. Mega users pay a little, everyone else gets coinr free.

Connect. Control. Private. Action Tags.

Categorise info. Push to ur fav apps like github, twitter, google+, facebook, saasu and more. Only share what u want, when u want, the way u want.*

Get Started.

There are (at least) 93 more reasons to coinr.  

Join now to find your own reasons to coinr.

Still not sure? Dropping coins (messages and other stuff) into coinr is simple. Here are some sample coin drops you might like to try.

#todo Remember the milk

Just type or speak into the coinr drop box. Our first example is too easy and very obvious really, hardly worth using as an example but one point is important to remember… From your shopping list to your business transactions, everything on coinr is private unless you say otherwise.*

#done Something important. #share @mary

Once again pretty obvious. But this time you get satisfaction from completing something important and wanted to let mary know too. We even give you reward points.*

#todo #wishlist Buy a birthday present for @mary, maybe that new book ‘Rework’ by @37signals

This drop will be a todo but also be filed under a wishlist item linked to you, mary and the authors. Later you might want to share your own wishlist with your friends or your suggestions for Mary’s wishlists with her friends.*

#expense Lunch with @dan and @nic $30

Enter your credentials this will automatically post a transaction to your accounting system including a copy of the image receipt. Involved in multiple businesses? No worries just add a hashtag e.g. #dayjob or #mystartup.*

#bug Something went wrong with my system @dan

Enter your third party system credentials to auto-post your feedback into the popular bug tracker attached to the world’s leading source code repository website.*

#tweet @dan Are you going to the paris conference or the one in san fran?

Just hit the tweet button or type #tweet then enter your third party system credentials once only. Now you can DM (direct message privately to followers) on twitter and other social sites.*

#tweet #public Congratulations Cadel Evan #tour … So who is going to the paris conference now?

Enter your third party system credentials to direct messages to twitter and other social sites.*

Now You Really Should Get Started!

There are 88 more reasons to coinr, probably more. We find more all the time.

Join now to find or build your own reasons to coinr.

Please note: * means feature is currently supported for data capture, logging, audit stamping etc but third party connections and tailored views lists are still being built, ok you might say ‘wtf!” but we are still building this puppy, so please be patient.

Coming Soon

We did some benchmarking last week of the new features. Looks like volumes of around 100 million to 650 million transactions per day are very achievable on our infrastructure as is today.

This is no mean feat so of course we celebrated on Friday evening. More importantly, we can now focus on rolling out features.

You will notice the site now has a ‘first page’ called drop-keep that captures information (we call them drops or coin drops) sort of like messages or status updates on other social media.

Some people hear these strange terms and think WTF?  Why should I use coinr?  We have found most people ‘get it’ very quickly once they try it.

Coinr is private of course, unless you specifically tell it to share with a closed audience or to make it public via social media (including coinr).

The site also now has a proper coinr home page with icons representing the many many new apps that are coming soon.

Trust Coinr – Uptime & Performance

Coinr has statistical analysis in place so we can provide a high level of near real-time visibility on statistics to the coinr team, our partners, our merchant customers and our retail customers on stuff like –

  • uptime (close to 100% generally)
  • performance (fastest average of 329 milliseconds)
  • usage maps (active users and locations)
  • usage charts (active users, their configurations, pages, events and paths)
  • trend charts (dozens of key analytics over time)

This is the sort of stuff we live day in day out because we want to constantly improve and more importantly many of our customers will be betting their business on coinr services like identity, reputation, security, bookings, payments, accounts, geo-location and more over time as they are developed.

The coinr uptime and performance data is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in near real-time.

To ensure uncensored data of high quality, this information is collected and provided direct to our stakeholders by  three separate highly respected independent third party global monitoring services including the one above that watches our servers from many locations around the world.

At the time of writing our uptime and response time were excellent (a reflection on our infrastructure design and investment).

The first two charts below are the month to date at time of writing, so you can compare our progress over time the next two charts below are live charts for the month to date that are constantly updated.

Uptime for Coinr Home: Last 30 days Response time for Coinr Home: Last 30 days

The from humble beginnings in Sydney the future for coinr looks bright indeed.