@tags are also called At Tags, they are used for people, businesses, organisations, brands, web sites etc…

e.g. @pete @laura @coke @coca-cola

They will appear in your contacts automatically.

You can use twitter handles as the @tag but they are often hard to remember. Just use the words you would normal use in everyday conversation. e.g. if you knew two people called Daniel they might be @danf and @danc. Coinr will keep them separate and later you can link to other systems if you want.

Track business & personal expenses

Tracks and stores in your choice of accounting system.

Just type #expense followed by the details of your purchase and it will be logged into coinr with a date time stamp, location and who incurred the expense automatically.

Add the name of the merchant e.g. @exchangecafe and the names of the people you were with to meet your personal and business record keeping requirements for tax purposes. Using a name adds it to your contacts list. You don’t need to use complex twitter handles, just use the language you prefer e.g. @pete @laura and coinr will learn who you mean over time and auto-enable smart connections.

Click ‘lists’ to see all your expenses in one place.

Click ‘Account’ then select ‘Cloud Settings’ from the menu to automatically push your expenses to your favourite personal, small business or enterprise accounting system.