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The Private Business Platform

Coinr The Private Business Platform is coming.

Owners and other stakeholders in all small and medium businesses rejoice!

Our vision for coinr was always to provide hundreds (if not thousands!) of useful information services for you and your business in an easy integrated way so time-poor business owners can get on with innovating while we handle all your information systems needs with minimal or zero customisation.

Lots of people out there provide e-commerce software and basic accounting software but we are aiming for the stars, a simple to use yet comprehensive platform in one website that handles your specific needs with a simple ‘click-to-customise’ approach you can be up and running in minutes then gets better suited to your needs every day.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so coinr will integrate over time with your popular services.

Realistically such a huge range of services takes time to build and integrate smoothly, so we didn’t expect to be telling you about this for some time, probably not until mid 2013. But we are (a little) ahead of schedule.

Already we have twenty core services all with responsive design so they work on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Some of the core services we have developed provide messaging, authentication, third party authentication, security layers, page publishing, analytics, short links with a/b testing, payments, anonymous social connection, notes, geo location, contacts, info snippets and a lot more.

We are just starting to pilot these services with wholesale customers. They are all medium size businesses or small businesses that aspire to be medium sized or even large one day. You can see our own internal pilot program using some of these services (which many people thought was a core product but really it is our first ‘retail demo app’ we call the coinr box web app.

A web app works on all devices and looks like an app, you can even easily add an icon to your phone’s home screen, but you don’t need to go to the app store or app market place to download it, just browse to the coinrbox.com site.

So small and medium businesses can soon rejoice, we expect to have some more services and apps out soon.

New Office

Great to be moving into the new office this month. Top floor of a huge heritage listed classic, solid brick turn of the century building with plenty of room for 50+ people.

Neat warehouse feel with polished wood floors, hardwood beams and an open feel, even on premise security guards.

Excellent natural light overlooking a tree lined avenue outside and a team of seriously well connected, smart and energised technology and startup professionals.

Couldn’t really ask for more but there is more indeed…

We are walking distance from the central transport hub, the city centre and two of the largest technology and finance universities in Sydney, Australia’s largest city.

Sydney is the base for more multinational corporations and financial organisations than any other Southern hemisphere city. Sydney is also one of the best cities in the world to live, in our humble opinion, and after many years of international travel it is also an informed opinion.

Along with the new office we also have a new beta signup page

About Us

Money is a hassle sometimes. Earning it is the first step, then you need to track it, protect it & grow it. The paperwork never ends.

Lets make money easier, so we can get on with the more important things in life. Coinr is here to help, register so we stay in touch or follow us on twitter, facebook and linkedin.

R414 Royal Exchange Sydney NSW 2000 Australia – registered address
608 Harris St Ultimo Sydney NSW 2007 Australia – development team
111 Elizabeth St Sydney NSW 2000 Australian – sales and client engagement

+61 2 8005 0551 phone
+61 2 8088 6466 fax
service at coinr dot com