How It Works

Coinr is still in the very early stages of development but it is already very useful. It works similar to twitter or google search but with some smart differences.

Instead of making a tweet on twitter you add coin drops on into what looks like a simple text box.

Just like in real life, you wouldn’t walk down the street dropping money as you go, so don’t drop your information, keep it safe in coinr.

Much of the information you have every day is valuable, so drop it into the coinr box and we will make it even more valuable for you by organising it and intelligently linking it to hundreds of the best services on the web.

Maybe that information is a little #idea you want to remember to explore further, or a task #todo sometime, or an #expense you need to claim for work or personal tax or maybe a startup business, or perhaps it is that #book you want to remember #tobuy online or at the shops or something you need to get @ikea next time. Maybe it is #feedback to @coinr about a new service you would like added or you are logging your #fuel consumption or a personal #journal or a #restaurant recommendation.

The list is endless.

Coinr is a simple little box but it uses advanced technologies to work offline and online on iphone, android, ipad, tablets, macs and PCs and it sync securely across all your devices.

If google is the easiest way to search, coinr is the easiest way to save. Save money, save time, save relationships and save your quality of life.

Instead of using one set of apps for your day job, another set of apps for your personal life and maybe another set of apps for your hobbies or startup businesses, coinr gives you one simple box that takes instructions from you and gives you useful and often very smart help in return. Perhaps it is a forecast on your restaurant expenses or a #map of all those cool little back alley pop-up bars. Maybe it is #feedback to the government about that pothole at the end of the street or a two for one promotional #deal from your business you want to offer to local students @university and #nearby.

You can travel without internet access and capture weeks worth of expenses, todos, meeting minutes, contacts, receipts, etc and sync when you get back online.

Coinr will push your transactions to your accounting systems, your files to drop box, and other things to the right place too.

Remember coinr is just like twitter or google, you just type in the box (or speak in some devices) except coinr is –

  • ultra private for example you can connect with suppliers, customers, tem members, prospects etc without disclosing personal information
  • ultra personal for example use the language you prefer such as @pete rather than @pete_on_twitter_46

We find new uses for coinr every day, we hope you do too. Coinr is getting connected to more web services every month so make sure you tell us what you would like to see.

Try coinr now or read more about how coinr works using hash tags (#tags) and at tags (@tags).

Track business & personal expenses

Tracks and stores in your choice of accounting system.

Just type #expense followed by the details of your purchase and it will be logged into coinr with a date time stamp, location and who incurred the expense automatically.

Add the name of the merchant e.g. @exchangecafe and the names of the people you were with to meet your personal and business record keeping requirements for tax purposes. Using a name adds it to your contacts list. You don’t need to use complex twitter handles, just use the language you prefer e.g. @pete @laura and coinr will learn who you mean over time and auto-enable smart connections.

Click ‘lists’ to see all your expenses in one place.

Click ‘Account’ then select ‘Cloud Settings’ from the menu to automatically push your expenses to your favourite personal, small business or enterprise accounting system.

Congratulations: Snake The Planet

One of the earliest coinr guys who has been a big contributor to our technology infrastructure is an amiable ex-Brooklyn ex-Intel dude now based most of the time in Sydney.

Nick has done a recent stint with a team of outdoor artists engaging public space with amazing tech wizardy combining interactive software (the classic game of snake) and light.

Basically it is a huge interactive projection on the side of buildings, with an important twist – it auto-detects the natural features around it and incorporates them into the game!

Media artists and computation designers like Nick and his mates are leading a new form of collaboration with a guerrilla street element that really change the street-scape.

They say they have an artisan’s relationship with their code. I say it is more fun than a side-alley pop-up!

Their latest work with MPU Labs is awesome, check out the Snake the Planet video.

Coinr is dropping support for IE

We have spent a bit of time looking at the Microsoft Internet Explorer support for HTML 5 and basically decided it is not worth it. We are dropping IE effective immediately.

After too many years of pandering to Microsoft’s proprietary ways we have had enough.

Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are all excellent browsers and we want to support the migration of the world to better browsers with the best support for open standards. We will also give the Opera browser some love.

Basically we are writing the app to support the standard and putting minimal effort into individual implementations.

End of rant. Commencement of joy.

Coinr is now multi lingual – 30 languages

Last week we rolled out support for multiple languages in

It is early days so you will probably see mistakes and less than linguistic excellence but we are pretty excited to be able to reach the world’s top 30 languages (as judged by us based on what we could make work quickly :-).

The list of major languages supported by Coinr ordered by population is as follows –

Chinese Simplified and Traditional

The long list of languages supported by coinr is –

Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional

To change your language just select it from the bottom of the screen.

Welcome to the wide world of 🙂

Congratulations Sunswift

Two of the lead geeks at coinr – Dan and Nick – recently completed the amazing World Solar Challenge as part of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) team.

In 2009 their team set the world speed record (which is hanging in the back of the workshop with an old tire partially obscuring it).

This year two Australian teams including UNSW finished in the top seven in this amazing 3,000 kilometre race from Darwin to Adelaide.

To understand significance of this you have to realise there were 70+ teams many from top OECD countries with deep pockets and rich university alumni bodies providing financial and technological support.

Our guys led the project (Dan) and held key roles (Nick) in delivering a mobile WAN across the convoy and telemetry tracking data back to a website. Apologies if that bit is not doing you justice.

Regardless, this is an awesome result using cutting edge technology in some of the most harsh terrain on the planet.

Congratulations guys. Nice one.

RIP Steve Jobs – Wonderful Inspiration

Apple Inc is booming, that is well documented so we won’t discuss it here.

This post is to farewell a great man whose impact will be measured in millions of lives in the next generation

Steve Jobs died three days ago and twitter is still running at 100 per minute, more personally I have been trying to decide how I feel about his death. It is an unusual combination of certainty and uncertainty. Certain it is important, uncertain how.

Firstly, it is remorse, not like a family member or friend or even respected business technology colleague. I never met the man but it is a combination of the above in small part plus a heck of a lot more.

Steve faced uncertainty too, he didn’t always know precisely what the finished products he designed would look like, however he had a vision and smart people around him to execute. Like we are with coinr I suppose. He even disclaimed apps at the launch of the iphone and then embraced them less than six months later to create, lead and define the global mobile app marketplace.

He did know however, and was able to visualise in immense detail the product in many cases, like the early macs, his visualisation skills and demands for attention to pixel level detail were legendary. Some things he shared with his only kindred hero, the inventor of the Polaroid instant camera.

Probably most of all though, Steve Jobs was differentiated and valued because of his ability to distill, refine and communicate a useful vision then lead people who respected him to execute.

Read that last sentence again, the world needs more people who have those skills in one brain.

I started with an Apple IIe (Europlus) when I was 12 or so, as a user, then programmer and maybe fan. This was followed by a successful career in real-time trading technologies and echoes some of the skills and experience in the coinr team today. Probably interesting is we all like macs and use imacs but have deep windows and/or unix experience.

Personally the non-Apple path was (after that early start) nearly 35 years long before returning as an unlikely ‘Apple fanboy’ only a few years ago entirely except for some corporate and government client work.

This was a surprise to me personally but no surprise to millions of people globally because something new was in the water at Apple – Steve Jobs had returned and was getting traction. As a team here at coinr (and as individuals) there is no doubt we recongnised this more than most and chose to really convert, we have every product they have released in recent years, usually many. Coming from a very pure applied science degree, with that much experience, it was an informed decision.

Put simply Steve was finally getting it largely right.

One tribute said ‘he leaves behind his family and 49,000 employees’. I believe he started out with neither and also left behind hundreds of millions of fans.

I used the words unique (or differentiated) and valued to describe Steve. Those measures are also an important business modelling method I deeply respect and advocate. a business model Steve Jobs invented or at least popularized. Value on one axis and differentiation on the other, bozos are bottom left, success freaks are top right, the other two corners are bound to die in price wars or win a worthless segment.

Steve Jobs was an autodidact, lifetime self educator, like myself and so many people I respect, though I didn’t know what an auto-didact was when I first heard he use the term many years ago, it made me realise again the value of life time learning.

Steve was not just teach or learning, he was helping us learn how to learn.

Of course his contributions to education are well documented, but I suspect very strongly we won’t realize the lasting impact he has had for some generations.

He was a father, like myself, not sure if he was a good one but from his public communications like the amazing Stanford address (if you haven’t seen it then google it and watch it twice), it is likely he was innovative in all aspects of life including multi-dimensional caring for his family. I am speaking to the graduating class of my old university UTS tomorrow, it is not Stanford but it is right up there down under. I think long term (think half a life time or more supporting causes you care about in the ways you have available to you (not just money but time and meaningful thought) are a great measure of what made Steve Jobs a great human being.

He was an enigma.  I doubt anyone sets out to be an enigma unless advised by their PR agent and in that case they are likely to fail eventually due to lack of natural substance.  I don’t know if I am an enigma but I know some of the products and companies I have led certainly are or were. No doubt coinr will continue to be one until we really launch enough features for people to recognize the way we hope to redefine our chosen space. Lets hope we can grow and develop some natural substance.

I’d be ecstatic to have anything I am involved with develop even 1% of Steve Jobs’ gravitas.

Steve was an innovator, but often times his innovation was the refinement of the work of others and the ability to integrate that in a manner others had not. Siri is an example of this, his last probably. This iPhone voice activated virtual assistant may succeed where others haven’t but certainly there are dozens of early examples where the ultimate measure of success – usage – proves he has been unique in the history of the world.

Mobile web browsing combines some of the most amazing international technology standards, skills, markets, companies and technologies mankind has even seen. Microsoft beat Apple to the market by the better part of ten years but it was Steve’s invention that drove acceptance to 87 times more effective adoption levels than Microsoft  based on some Cooper Sydney research we did years ago about nine months after the iphone launch.

Adoption was his success. Advocacy was his hallmark. Yet he was adopted himself and his original advocates his parents failed him.

In a world where every Windows PC is bombarded with security risks and virus attacks, his creations enabled diversity and enable some greater sense of safety.

In a world of incessant incrementalism by well intended people without systems thinking skills, Steve led the way by refining and removing ‘noise’, integrating and simplifying. Saving time and improving quality of life.

His tough commercial approach is less well documented, but it is probably his focus on time over money on real usage over shipped product, and on execution over research that defines it better than budgets, forecasts or other droll accounting terms.

Farewell Steve, we hope the world can collect and retain some of your principles and that your main legacies (and those that steer them) will continue as effective, innovative role models for other companies, products and individuals.

RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

For years I thought SOA was an architecture and associated methodology that was largely pie in the sky designed by large technology service providers to generate recurring professional services revenue and ensure captive corporate clients.

However now that web standards and open source technologies have made a major impact on the proprietary technology stacks used in most corporates, the world has changed, skills are widely available and technology diversity is an everyday reality (or nightmare might be more accurate).

Personally, I think that not only has the time for SOA arrived but it has crept up and become part of the mainstream without people formally discussing it or agreeing it, sort of like SMS abbreviations were just organically adopted by some people and went mainstream but if a bunch of geeks declared the LOL, ROFL or LMAO standards they would be derided.

So, in the spirit of recognising and building on the shoulders of giants, it is important to mention the SOA Manifesto which, while widely noted was not widely formally adopted. We have adapted and prioritised it slightly here as –

The ‘Business Centric’ or ‘Six Peas’ version of the SOA Manifesto

Paradigm Payback (3 layers)

Service orientation is a paradigm that frames almost every business technology management strategy and implementation decision.  Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a type of architecture that results from applying this paradigm. Applying service orientation helps organizations consistently deliver sustainable business value, with increased agility and cost effectiveness, in line with changing business needs.

Prioritise Pragmatically (12 items)

Value the items on the right, but value the items on the left more –

  • Business value over technical strategy
  • Strategic goals over project-specific benefits
  • Intrinsic interoperability over custom integration
  • Shared services over specific-purpose implementations
  • Flexibility over optimisation
  • Evolutionary refinement over pursuit of initial perfection

Principled Process (14 points)

  • The scope of SOA adoption can vary. Keep efforts manageable and within meaningful boundaries
  • Verify that services satisfy business requirements and goals
  • Evolve services and their organization in response to real use
  • Separate the different aspects of a system that change at different rates
  • Reduce implicit dependencies and publish all external dependencies to increase robustness and reduce the impact of change
  • At every level of abstraction, organize each service around a cohesive and manageable unit of functionality
  • Respect the social and power structure of the organization
  • Recognise that SOA ultimately demands change on many levels
  • Products and standards alone will neither give you SOA nor apply the service orientation paradigm for you
  • SOA can be realized through a variety of technologies and standards.
  • Establish a uniform set of enterprise standards and policies based on industry, de facto, and community standards.
  • Pursue uniformity on the outside while allowing diversity on the inside.
  • Identify services through collaboration with business and technology stakeholders.
  • Maximize service usage by considering the current and future scope of utilization.

With full credit to the original SOA Manifesto (of which we are a signatory) and the associated team of authors. This declaration is about to celebrate its second birthday in a couple of months and I think the SOAM era is now well under way.

99 Reasons to Coinr

 Your Private Stuff.  Anywhere.   Fast.   Just drop it in.

Auto-sync info with all your devices. Tasks, transactions, notes, images, music, code and more.

Rock Solid Proof.  Everywhere.  All the time.

Know the Who, What, Where, When.  No more notes.  No more emailing/texting yourself.  You had that idea first. Full change history. Never think about record keeping or compliance again, it is just done for you.

Keep, Search and Share.  Focus.  Get things #done.  Just One App.

Kill those unused apps. Coinr is the command line for life.
New to hash-tags? Save time with #expense or  #todo.  New to at-tags? Track and share with your team and mates e.g @pete, @dan, @nic.
You’ll love our new twists on these popular social media time savers.

Safe.  Safe.  Safe.

Multi layer security. Multiple backups. Secure sessions and syncing. Peace of mind.

No Ads. And it is Free.

Most sites offer one or the other. We do both. What more can we say, we are on your side. Mega users pay a little, everyone else gets coinr free.

Connect. Control. Private. Action Tags.

Categorise info. Push to ur fav apps like github, twitter, google+, facebook, saasu and more. Only share what u want, when u want, the way u want.*

Get Started.

There are (at least) 93 more reasons to coinr.  

Join now to find your own reasons to coinr.

Still not sure? Dropping coins (messages and other stuff) into coinr is simple. Here are some sample coin drops you might like to try.

#todo Remember the milk

Just type or speak into the coinr drop box. Our first example is too easy and very obvious really, hardly worth using as an example but one point is important to remember… From your shopping list to your business transactions, everything on coinr is private unless you say otherwise.*

#done Something important. #share @mary

Once again pretty obvious. But this time you get satisfaction from completing something important and wanted to let mary know too. We even give you reward points.*

#todo #wishlist Buy a birthday present for @mary, maybe that new book ‘Rework’ by @37signals

This drop will be a todo but also be filed under a wishlist item linked to you, mary and the authors. Later you might want to share your own wishlist with your friends or your suggestions for Mary’s wishlists with her friends.*

#expense Lunch with @dan and @nic $30

Enter your credentials this will automatically post a transaction to your accounting system including a copy of the image receipt. Involved in multiple businesses? No worries just add a hashtag e.g. #dayjob or #mystartup.*

#bug Something went wrong with my system @dan

Enter your third party system credentials to auto-post your feedback into the popular bug tracker attached to the world’s leading source code repository website.*

#tweet @dan Are you going to the paris conference or the one in san fran?

Just hit the tweet button or type #tweet then enter your third party system credentials once only. Now you can DM (direct message privately to followers) on twitter and other social sites.*

#tweet #public Congratulations Cadel Evan #tour … So who is going to the paris conference now?

Enter your third party system credentials to direct messages to twitter and other social sites.*

Now You Really Should Get Started!

There are 88 more reasons to coinr, probably more. We find more all the time.

Join now to find or build your own reasons to coinr.

Please note: * means feature is currently supported for data capture, logging, audit stamping etc but third party connections and tailored views lists are still being built, ok you might say ‘wtf!” but we are still building this puppy, so please be patient.