Being purposeful

We all know how good it is to get paid, but after our basic financial needs are met is money enough to keep us happy? Not really.

Here’s a surprising fact: in some circumstances money can even reduce motivation and kill our drive.

Life is better when we have a purpose. Watch the ‘purposeful’ video – webby award nominated.

Steve Jobs from Apple has said he wants to ‘put a ding in the universe’, it is his way of saying his purpose is to make a really big impact. The founder of Skype (an internet phone service with hundreds of millions of users) wants to ‘make the world a better place’.

Others are motivated by mastery – that’s the process of learning new skills, having fun doing it and getting the satisfaction of improving.

Where do we get our drive from here at coinr? We want coinr to be purposeful.

Coinr is a powerful yet deceptively simple vehicle to help you master money and through that mastery and related knowledge you gain to also be more motivated about life and empowered to live life well.

Money is not everything, but mastering money management means you spend more time on a higher purpose.

Guitar Lessons? World Peace? Something else? You choose.