• Coinr is currently still under development, so far we have built 25 services and a few apps for public and private use.
  • We expect to be formally open for business late 2012 or early 2013 with a productised public beta.
  • In the interim, if you are a medium to large business you may qualify for our white label customer services. Services we can assemble for you now are –


  • Registration (sign up, sign in, profile edit)
  • Sessions (multi-device session management for signed in users)
  • SSL for all web services
  • Multiple layers of server side security modelled on private bank architectures


  • SMS (text to mobile also known as short message services for identity verification, registration confirmations, marketing and more)
  • Email (as per SMS)
  • Service Tickets (for customer service, help desk, inquiries, ideas, suggestions, bugs) – in development now
  • Mobile (personal app for collecting, bugs, expenses, receipts, images)
  • Web (basic publishing and analytics)


  • Responsive web app for HTML5 devices (iphone, ipad, most android, most laptops and desktops)
  • HTML5 browsers (chrome, firefox, safari)
  • Working on pebble watch api for notifications

Third Party Services

  • Facebook sharing via api
  • Dropbox file upload and thumbnailing
  • Saasu expense transaction upload via api
  • Github Issues bug upload via api
  • Many more in progress


  • Location, user and temporal – basic audit trail on all objects
  • Detailed audit trail on all objects, sub-objects, actions and channels (coming soon).


  • Multi tenant
  • Multi user
  • Multi language (top 30)
  • Multi organisation per user per session
  • Capacity tested in specific scenarios to 650m transactions per day

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