Why Coinr?

Most people are busy, the trendy name for this predicament is ‘time poor’.

So we each individually respond to this predicament by trying tools and techniques and maybe education plus the usual other tricks –

  • Delegation (if you have the luxury of people working for you)
  • Drop It (simply ignore it or decide not to do it, ever)
  • Decide When (schedule a time to act)
  • Do It (when all else fails…)

The reality is that life is more complicated. We have different contexts in our lives, personal, business, hobbies, family, friends and there is more than one most of the time.

And it gets worse, we also have different tools, some decided by our clients or employers or investors or family, some we selected. Some were appropriate when we started using them but no longer work in the new situations we find ourselves, others are perfect for part of our life but not for others so we have to get even more tools to cover all the situations.  Then we waste even more time rying to get all these tools to work together and talk to each other sensibly.

How many project management tools, email tools, ‘to do’ task trackers, time sheet systems, expense trackers and accounting systems have you seen in your life? Not to mention all the social media tools and add ons. It is not fun, surely it can at least be easier and maybe it can even be a little enjoyable and help us get on with the important things in life.

Coinr tries to help by being aware of all the contexts in your life and provides a growing set of integrated services that work together. A few companies have tried this over the years but they either became too complex, too simple or too expensive. We are applying paretos principle to business and personal life tools and hope to make a real difference.

We hope you will come with us on this journey and that we can really make a difference to your life.

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